Young Life Europe DACH Region

Young Life thinks the world of kids. We are an organization for adolescents because we believe that they deserve to know what life can hold for them. Young Life leaders are caring adults who enter the world of kids, focusing on what matters to them – fun, adventure, friendship, and a sense of significance. In doing so, we earn the privilege of talking to them about something that we believe matters most of all – the truth about God and His love for them. We’ve been in the kid business since 1941 and we have no plans to slow down. The Young Life Europe DACH region includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Funding this group helps bring the news of Christ to adolescents in these countries.

Sanctified Hope

Sanctified Hope, a transitional living program, provides a safe and lovely home and learning environment for women who have faced great struggles and opposition in their lives. Through a 12-month life-changing program women journey to freedom and success! They will participate in Bible-based life skills and discipleship training. Through this experience, the women will learn who they are created to be. In a memorandum of understanding with The Center of Hope, will provide vocational classes, job training and volunteer opportunities in the community. All leading to becoming a tax-paying citizen. The agency will help to eliminate the costly price of recidivism freeing your tax dollars for more productive means. It will help with providing a safe community for you and your family.

Aledo Young Life

Young Life is a Christian outreach ministry that works alongside the church to reach kids at local high schools, middle schools, and kids with special needs. Young Life is completely locally supported, counting on businesses and locals to give personally in support of our ministry. In Aledo, we are impacting kids at Aledo High School and kids with special needs all across Parker County. Young Life builds relationships with kids by going to where they are: high school lunches, practices, sporting events, pep rally’s, etc. We believe that kids will care about what we know only when they know that we care. Our goal is to hope to be like the friends of the paralytic in Mark 2, who bring their unsuspecting friend to the feet of Jesus so that he can experience His love. We hope to live out John 13:35, “They (high schoolers) will know you are my disciples by your love”.


For 25 years, Cornerstone has been uniting with others across Tarrant County to help those in need. From homelessness to reentry from incarceration, Cornerstone and its staff and volunteers are there to come alongside those in need of recovery, relief, and restoration. Through its thrift store and catering, Cornerstone is able to help clients develop the necessary skills to lead a more sustainable life. The future is bright for Cornerstone as more partnerships are built between churches, non-profits, and community and civic organizations. All of us together provide a hand up not a hand-out to individuals and families. This gives them an opportunity to reach their goals for self-sufficiency.

Usher Syndrome Coalition

Usher Syndrome is the most common genetic cause of combined deafness and blindness and there is currently no cure. The Usher Syndrome Coalition aims to change that by identifying and supporting every individual affected worldwide. Our mission is to raise awareness and accelerate research, while providing information and support to impacted individuals and families. We strive to be the most comprehensive resource for the Usher Syndrome community, bridging the gap between researchers and families.

Bread Basket Ministries

Bread Basket is a ministry that provides emergency and supplemental groceries to senior citizens, the disabled and all who are going through a crisis, and has been doing so for 32 years. We also share the Good News of the Gospel for the spiritually hungry for man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

Here's Life Africa

Here’s Life Africa is a Christian ministry obedient to Jesus’ Great Commission challenge to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Our partnership between You and will SAVE YOU money on your electric bill and will WIN people to Christ in East Africa. Based on savings from an average size home, we expect more than 40 African villagers will pray to receive Christ each year! Thank you for using your power to save money and to do good for the Kingdom! Please tell your friends to do what you did!

Rivertree Academy

Rivertree Academy educates under-resourced students in Como to live life well: following Jesus, thriving academically, and transforming their communities. Our vision is to break the cycle of poverty in every family we serve by educating students to learn well, love well, work well, and lead well. Through this innovative and holistic education, our children are building healthy habits of mind, body, and spirit and already becoming agents of change in their homes and neighborhoods! Our distinctives include a relational philosophy of education, individualized instruction, and whole-family engagement. Through the generous scholarship support of our community, families in Como have a choice for an excellent education for their children.

Traffic 911

Traffick911 exists to free youth from sex trafficking with a three-prong strategy of prevention, identification, and empowerment. They have identified and/or rescued hundreds of victims. Their work – in close partnership with law enforcement – has led to multiple state and federal felony arrests and convictions or perpetrators. Traffick911 has been recognized by Homeland Security Investigations as a most-valued partner in this battle to save our American children from sexual slavery. Their team has trained thousands of first responders across the country. This has included Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Police, Homeland Security Investigations, Texas Department of Public Safety, and local law enforcement. They have also trained educators, medical personnel, juvenile justice staffs, CPS regional supervisors and caseworkers, DAs, and more with documented identifications and rescues out of the training. They also bring their Traps and Hooked™ programs into schools, youth shelters, boys and girls clubs, CPS youth, parent programs, and juvenile detention. Traps and Hooked™ programs teach youth how to stay safe from sex trafficking, and the lure of pornography.

Fort Worth Pregnancy Center

The mission of the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center is to empower young women and men to make a positive decision about their unplanned pregnancy. This is done through the provision of FREE, confidential and caring Pregnancy Testing. Our free services also include Sonograms, STD/STI Testing and Treatment, Material Assistance, and Prenatal Education.

Grace House Ministries

Grace House Ministries is a faith-based non-profit located in Weatherford, Texas. Founded in 1993, Grace House Ministries strives to promote hope, life, and knowledge in the community through a free clinic, free pregnancy center, and free in-school training program. Grace House Ministries is accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and abides by the seven standards of responsible stewardship.


The NET is a non-profit in Fort Worth that believes in a solution to poverty that is more than material. We exist to empower our city to restore dignity to people in poverty through community and relationships. We serve three communities in poverty in Fort Worth: the homeless, women affected by the sex industry, as well as low-income youth. The link between these programs is our goal to create a community filled with dignity and empowerment among the people we serve. Poverty isn’t just a lack of material things, it is so much more than that! Research shows that the poor themselves tend to describe their condition in psychological and social terms such as shame, isolation, inferiority, humiliation, fear, hopelessness, and depression. While needs for clothing, food, and shelter do exist, these are simply symptoms of poverty, not the root cause. That’s why The NET is all about empowering our community to build relationships with people in poverty! As individuals begin to understand their inherent dignity and worth, feelings of shame, isolation, and inferiority are replaced by connection, confidence, and hope! This leads our friends to participate in their own personal success and empowers them to rise out of poverty. Not only restores their lives but gives them the WORTH and dignity that every human deserves.

Mercy Clinic

The vision for Mission Travis Mercy (Mercy Clinic) began when a group of committed business leaders and healthcare professionals. This group met to discuss the need for improved access to care for the uninsured and the opportunity to share Christ’s love and compassion with this group of people. In October 2011 Mission Travis Mercy was founded as a non-profit corporation. 501 (c)3 designation was received in 2012. Quality health care has been provided to 1000 patients without any cost to the individual patient since April 2013. As the clinic approached four years of operation, total patient visits are over 5000.

Pregnancy Help Center of Fort Worth

The Association of Former Students at Texas A&M

The Association’s mission includes promoting the welfare of Texas A&M University and serving the student body. By combining small gifts from tens of thousands of generous donors, The Association made an impact on Texas A&M of more than $11.2 million in 2016. Funds, labor, and materials provided by The Association support student activities, traditions, scholarships, faculty enrichment, former student services, and many other critical projects.

Attack Poverty

Attack Poverty is a global organization that serves locally, adopting pockets of poverty and launching what we call ‘Friends Communities’. These are long-term commitments that require mutual relationships and collaborative efforts with local organizations, churches, residents, and stakeholders committed to community transformation. Our community programs include: in-school student support, after school programs, literacy, Adult GED completion, English as a Second Language classes, job readiness training and home repair.

Center of Hope

We are a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to helping others break the cycle of poverty in Parker County – building on relationships with accountability.

The Feet

Beautiful Feet is a non-profit ministry with a heartbeat for the inner-city and homeless in Fort Worth. We service homeless by meeting as many spiritual and physical needs as possible weekly. We host 2 chapel services daily with Christian counselors available. A medical clinic, dental clinic, meals, clothes, and other random services are also provided. Beautiful Feet believes in making special days special. Birthdays are celebrated on Sundays and special events for Thanksgiving and Christmas are held!


HOPE Farm is a leadership program guiding at-risk boys to become Christ-centered men of integrity. HOPE Farm was incorporated in 1990 to Help Other People Excel. Former police officer Gary Randle and former Department of Public Safety criminal investigator, Noble Crawford, Jr., founded HOPE Farm. While in law enforcement, Officer Randle observed that 80% of the young men populating the state prisons were African-American. The two men shared a vision to not just clean up the streets, but also to minister to fatherless boys in the inner-city. They also visioned to design a leadership program that would steer them away from the negative influences that draw so many into lives of crime and subsequent poverty. A grant from the Sid Richardson Foundation in 1997 provided the funds to start then endeavor. Two “crack houses” located on the south side of Fort Worth in the Morningside community were purchased from the funds. A team of hard-working community volunteers stepped in. Soon, the abandoned properties were turned into a safe place to operate an afterschool leadership program for fatherless boys ages 5 to 18. Gary and Noble worked closely with Morningside Elementary School to grow their program. By word of mouth, the program has successfully served the community for over 25 years. Today, HOPE Farm covers the entire 11 acres of the very same block. In 2010, they opened a second location west of downtown Fort Worth in the Como community. HOPE Farm is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and led by a staff of 18 individuals. Currently, 59 boys are enrolled in the after-school leadership program at the Morningside campus. 14 are enrolled at the Como campus. 98% of the boys attending the Morningside location are African-American and 100% at the Como location. 55% of the families at HOPE Farm are government dependent. Most are one-income households, under $30,000, with four to five dependents.

CASA - Hope for Children

Court Appointed Special Advocates – Hope for Children speaks for the best interests of abused and neglected children within the court system utilizing trained community volunteers. Donations are used to recruit, train and support community volunteers for these children. The volunteers go on to advocate in the court system and be a positive role model in their lives.

Heart of Texas Tres Dias

Heart of Texas Tres Dias (HTTD) is a member community of Tres Dias International and is an inter-denominational Christian organization focused on renewal weekends. Renewal weekends are aimed at helping Christian men and women strengthen their relationship with God so that they can better serve God through their local church. Our aim is to train and build up Christian Servant Leaders that do ministry in their local churches outside of HTTD.

Hope Fort Worth

Hope Fort Worth exists to mobilize local churches, in Tarrant County and beyond, to make a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. We do this by helping churches launch good, sustainable orphan and foster care communities. Hope FW seeks to equip and encourage more families in these churches to step forward and receive children in need into their homes through foster care and adoption.

Texas Right to Life

Texas Right to Life is the oldest, largest, and only statewide Pro-Life organization in Texas.  We are non-sectarian and non-partisan, and we are the Texas affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee with representation on their board of directors.  The members, directors, staff, and affiliated local chapters of Texas Right to Life seek to articulate and protect the Right to Life of defenseless human beings, born and unborn, through legal, peaceful, and prayerful means.  This commitment is derived from a belief that each human being, from the moment of fertilization until natural death, has an immeasurable dignity and inalienable Right to Life.

DFW Vida Nueva

Vida Nueva (VN) prepares young people for adulthood and leadership in their homes, schools, churches, and work environments through a series of talks, chapels, discussions, and other activities. Using a team of both youth and adults, Vida Nueva addresses current relevant issues in the lives of young people such as singleness, marriage, and personal relationships. Vida Nueva also gives instruction in personal prayer, study, Christian service and the purpose of the church. Through Vida Nueva, young people come face to face with God’s immediate will for their lives. By providing a strong, Biblical foundation for a sound Christian walk, Vida Nueva enables young people to overcome the temptations that are common in their environments.