What You Could Save on Your Electricity Bill

By completing this form, you’ll give us the information we need to tell you what you could save on your electricity bill each month. It is a completely free service we offer potential customers.

(For an accurate savings estimate, we need to know how much energy you use and how much you are currently paying.)

Once you complete the letter of authorization process below, we will get your usage data from your electric delivery company (such as Oncor, AEP, or Centerpoint).

This does not obligate you in any way to use our service. All this allows us to do is to get your data from the company that reads your meter from Smart Meter Texas. Smart Meter Texas houses your detailed usage data on behalf of your utility company.

There is also an option to upload a bill copy or picture. If you aren’t able to upload a picture, please let us know what your current energy rate is, if possible. You can also take a picture of the bill and email it to us at

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